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How to develop my own self-love & respect?

There are 150 points possible for the Self-Love Assessment.  For additional guidance, please click on the range of numbers in which your total score fits. If your total is between 120 and 150, you have a healthy self-love. If you scored between 100 and 120, you are above average – but might be struggling with being able to enjoy your life and your relationships.  If you scored below 100, you are probably not having much success in the way of happiness & drawing in the kind of loving relationships you would like.


Note from Kim: 

It would be my great honor to help any of you who have taken the time to complete this assessment – to be a catalyst to you for stepping into your true self-love & become magnetic to the beloved of your dreams – and most important of all, to enjoy a joyous love-filled life.  So, please reach out to me!  You DO deserve this.  

With love & dedication, Kim Von Berg

Love Coach & Relationship Expert


 “Self-love is that solid place inside yourself that is immovable by the vicissitudes of life – where you are intricately connected with all that is. It is a sense of knowing & appreciating the essence of who you are – stripped from all roles & circumstances in your life. And, inside of self-love, you can begin to learn how to treat yourself & others with compassion & tenderness. It is that well that you can dip into whenever your outer “world” is getting hit by challenges, fears or trying times. It is the rock upon which all healthy relationships can be built.”

– Kim Von Berg