Creating a Vision of Love Fulfilled

Visualize It You are yearning to find that love you have always wanted, but it always seemed just outside your grasp. Where do you begin to turn this around? It starts with an inspiring vision! If you are ready to create such a vision, this article will help your imagination expand into all that you truly […]

The Gems of My Twenty Years of Playing in the Field of Helping People Attract & Create Thriving

In the past few years, I have been taking the gems from my twenty plus years of intensely playing in the field of helping people attract and create thriving healthy relationships – and melding the practical communication skills I teach with deep inner work. What I have observed from my own process in love – and in working with hundreds of clients – is that most of us are programmed by our previous trauma and react unconsciously when the feelings from our past emotional pain get triggered. Nowhere does this show up more powerfully than in intimate close relationships, preventing us from reaching our fullest capacity to love and be loved.