Unlocking the Power of Your Aware Self: A Path to Extraordinary Relationships:




Unlocking the potential of our empowered adult Aware Self can be transformative to our relationships. In this exploration, we delve into the essence of our Aware Self and its profound impact on fostering fulfilling connections with others, particularly our primary relationships. At the core of this journey lies the awareness of when we are operating from our Aware Self and when we are not. This self-awareness empowers us to consciously choose to step into our Aware Selves, even amidst challenges. How can we know if we are centered in our Aware Self? When we are, we will experience a sense of centeredness, peace, empowerment, wisdom, and love that is free from judgment. Take a moment to feel into embodying these traits and feel the expansiveness they bring to your being to begin to know what your Aware Self is. Conversely, the absence of our Aware Self often manifests as an oscillation between the “critic” (or critical parent) and the “wounded child” ego states. As the critical parent, we have a judgment for everything. In this state, we like to be in control at all times – to the point of telling people what to do. In addition, we often speak to our own selves in a mean way – and fall into frequent self-criticism.

In the wounded child ego state, we become identified with our feelings and feel victimized by them. For example, “I am hurt” – instead of “I feel hurt & can recognize the wound that got triggered.” In this state, we often feel inferior and victimized by others and circumstances. One of the hallmarks that you or someone else will give when in this state is to often use the words “always” or “never” – because a child has a very limited perspective of time and tends to generalize what they perceive as happening now to be always happening. Recognizing these patterns when we feel triggered is pivotal to our becoming empowered to reclaim our truth and create happy healthy relationships. Now, sometimes there is not some pivotal moment that we can recognize that throws us back into a less conscious place. Instead, we may find that we’re in some negative loop that keeps us stuck in a place of feeling powerless over the negative patterns in our relationships. This is often born from a fundamentally skewed belief about our own selves – for example, we are not good enough or are unlovable or doomed to be abandoned or many other destructive and self-deprecating self-identities. And, from a negative self-identity, we create limiting beliefs about our world and relationships – and what is possible in them. And unfortunately, with such a framework of beliefs, we are often attracted to many more circumstances to reinforce them.

To break free, we must confront the origins of these false identities and negative narratives and replace them with empowering truths about our inherent value, livability, and potential. Taking this on is the path to experiencing true love, deep connection, and empowerment.

We learn to choose to live from our true Aware Selves. This newfound authenticity enables us to navigate the complexities of relationships with grace, compassion, and resilience. In order to discover and live from our Aware Selves to experience beautiful thriving relationships, we sometimes realize we may need a professional to help us. To those embarking on this transformative journey, I invite you to explore my updated services tailored for couples and singles who are ready to step into using love as a path of transformation. May your pursuit of self-awareness and authentic healthy connection lead you to profound fulfillment and joy in your relationships.

Picture of Kim Von Berg / Thriving Loving Relationships

Kim Von Berg / Thriving Loving Relationships

Unlocking the Power of Your Aware Self: A Path to Extraordinary Relationships:


Picture of Kim Von Berg / Thriving Loving Relationships

Kim Von Berg / Thriving Loving Relationships

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